March 6, 2018

2018 Summer Camp

2018 Summer Camp Registration

Musical Theater for Kids!  (Ages 4-7) (Ages 8-11)

        This class is a great way to get your child introduced to musical theater!  We will introduce them to acting and singing through art, song and age appropriate exercises.   We will do ice breaker games to work on stage fright.   This is a wonderful opportunity for beginners and kids who have a little bit of experience and want to continue musical theater in school.

July 9th -13th – 11:30AM – 12:30PM  (Ages 4-7 yrs)  –  $160.00

July 9th – 13th – 12:30PM – 2PM  (Ages 8-11 yrs)  –  $190.00

Mini 2 Day or Week Long Music Camps (3 – 17 yrs )

These Mini Music Summer Camps have something for everyone.  The camp is offered on various dates this summer.  Pick from Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule.   Each camp session is 2 days for two hours.  Each 2 day mini camp is 75.00.    You get 10% off if you do more than 1 two-day camp.      The camp is created for all students who love music, who love to sing, and be creative!    We have different themes for all interests.    Look at the schedule and pick your day!   Kids will have exposure and hands on experience during our camps.    They will learn with highly qualified and fun instructors.

General Music Fun – 3-8 yrs
Sing! Sing! Sing!– 3–6 yrs & 7–11 yrs
Beginner Guitar – 6-13 yrs
Beginner Drums – 5-13 yrs

$75.00/2 day or $140.00/full week camp




2 day camp   ($75)
July 9th, 11th – 10 – 11:30AM 
July 30th,Aug  1st – 10 – 11:30AM    

2 day camp   ($75)
July 10th, 12th – 10 – 11:30AM 
July 31st, Aug  2nd – 10 – 11:30AM    



Full Week Camp   ($75)
July 9th, 12th – 10 – 11:30AM 
July 31st, Aug  2nd – 10 – 11:30AM