July 7, 2022

Annie Kids

Annie KIDS - Broadway Junior | Hal Leonard Online

Annie Kids (Ages 5-10)

Annie Kids is our Kids Musical Theater Program – Ages 5 – 10yrs. We welcome beginners in all of our programs as long as you meet the age criteria. Our Kids Musical theater program is meant for our youngest actors to have chances for lead roles. ┬áRehearsals will be at Batavia Studios twice a week T & TH 5:30 – 7PM from Feb 7th – March 23rd.
Performances will be March 30 – April 1st at Theater – TBD
Annie Kids will rehearse from February through April. ┬áPayments will be broken into 3 payments of 150.00. The first payment of 150.00 is taken during registration – which is also a non-refundable fee. ┬áThe next 2 payments will be taken in February and March.