July 5, 2022

Batavia Dance Studio

Batavia Dance Studio

Join us as we open our brand new dance studio with great specials! Kids and Adult classes, 2 years and up

New Studio Special Offer

  • No registration fee (discount of $50)

  • Each 30-minute class is $60 per month

  • Each 45-minute class is $68 per month

  • Each 60-minute class is $75 per month


  • $15 discount for each additional class taken in same family
  • Register for:
    • 2 or more classes – $15 off
    • 3 classes – $30 off

Batavia Dance Studio Class Schedule


Ballet For Littles 9:30-10:00am
Combo I 10:00-10:45am


Combo II 4:00-4:45
Musical Theatre Session 5:00-5:30
Intro to Dance 5:30-6:30


Adult Jazz 4:30-5:30
Adult Tap 5:30-6:30


Jazz I 4:00-5:00
Tap I 5:00-6:00
Tap II 6:00-7:00
Jazz II 7:00-8:00


Jazz Funk 12:00-1:00
Tap III 1:00-2:00
Jazz IIIĀ  2:00-3:00
Intro to Dance Jr. 3:00-4:00

Batavia Dance Studio Classes

Ballet for Littles (2-3 year olds)

A ballet class that sets up little ones to learn basic elements of dance. We will use and practice ballet steps, follow-along types of dancing, along with movement games and improv to let students explore their creativity through movement. Join us for a fun way to get acclimated to a dance class environment while learning the basics! (Mon. 9:30-10am)

*Combo I and II (4-5 and 6-7 year olds)

Combo gives a good introduction to ballet and tap dancing. With half of the class being ballet, students will practice alignment and how to move safely, and in tap, students will learn skills such as rhythm and musicality in dance. This class builds a great foundation for future dancers while allowing students to try a couple different styles of dancing. (1 – Mon. 10-10:45am; || – Tues. 4-4:45pm)

*Jazz I (8-10 year olds or Instructor’s Approval)

Students will begin learning Jazz technique. They will become more familiar with the stylized movement of jazz dance, as well as an introduction to different turns, leaps, and Jazz terminology. This class will have a warm-up, as well as across the floor and center combinations. (Fri. 4-5 pm)

*Tap I (8-10 year olds or Instructor’s approval)

Students will begin learning Tap technique. They will start developing their rhythm and musicality, while also learning basic skills to put together into combinations. There will be a warm-up, skills practiced either across the floor or center, and combinations learned and performed. (Fri. 5-6pm)

*Jazz II (11-13 year olds or Instructor’s Approval)

This class will continue working off of what was learned in Jazz I, as well as adding more terminology and skills used in Jazz. We will also be focusing more on alignment, technique, flexibility, and strength as we continue with the same structure of a Jazz technique class. (Fri. 7-8pm)

*Tap II (11-13 year olds or Instructor’s Approval)

This class will continue working off of what was learned in Tap 1. We will work to further develop the sounds and rhythms of tap while we work on clarity and the addition of steps learned. (Fri. 6-7pm)

*Jazz III (14+ AND Instructor’s Approval)

Jazz III will continue what was learned in Jazz so far, as well as delving more into the movement style and quality. Technique will be emphasized while we continue to build strength and flexibility in jazz dancing overall. Previous dance experience is preferred. (Sat. 2-3pm)

*Tap III (14+ AND Instructor’s Approval)

Tap Ill will continue practicing the precision of tap steps learned while dealing with more difficult combinations and rhythms. Previous dance experience preferred. (Sat. 1-2pm)

Adult Jazz (18+ No Experience Necessary)

A Jazz class for older teens and adults who might be new to dance, or would like to just try something new! We would take a beginner’s level Jazz class that consists of a warm-up, skills across the floor, and learning center and across the floor combinations. (Tues. 4:30-5:30pm)

Adult Tap (18+ No Experience Necessary)

A Tap class for older teens and adults who might be new to dance, or to tap dancing! This class would be taught at a beginner’s level, and would include warm-up, center, and across the floor combinations. (Thurs. 5:30-6:30pm)

Jazz-Funk (18+ No Experience Necessary)

This class introduces Jazz and Hip Hop to older teens and adults. We would work on isolations, musicality, groove, and different movement qualities that are used in Hip Hop, as well as Jazz. Warm-ups, and different skills and combinations both across the floor and center would be taught. (Sat. 12-1pm)

Intro to Dance/ Intro to Dance Juniors (8-12 year olds, and 13+)

Intro to dance is an opportunity to take a little bit of everything! This would also help us know what classes you would like to see added to our curriculum. We would learn a little bit about Modern, Ballet, Hip-hop, Contemporary, and Improv. (Tues. 5:30-6:30 pm; Sat. 3-4pm)

Musical Theatre Dance Sessions (Required for students participating in musicals)

These sessions are a 30-minute long crash-course once a week for four weeks that teaches the basics of dancing in musical theatre. We will learn and practice performance elements to these steps as well to prepare you for the stage! (Tues. 5-5:30pm)

Private Lessons (Upon Request, or if group class has low interest)

Private lessons offered in Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Improv, Modern, Jazz-Funk, and Ballet! Reach out if you are interested! (Potential times: Mon. & Wed 4-4:45pm; Sat. 9 am-1pm; Sat. 4-8pm)

*Indicates that these classes will also perform what was learned in class in two showcases-winter, and spring. Recitals could also include private lessons as solos if offered by the instructor and approved by the student.