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Classes FAQ

What is the teacher-to-student ratio in classes?

Depending on the program, our teacher ratios will vary. For all camps, it’s 1 to 12 students per teacher. For musical theater, we always have 2 instructors in the room and sometimes 3. Dance is 1 to 12 students per instructor.

Does Batavia Studios offer classes or camps for my 3-year-old?

Yes – we have dance programs for our youngest students beginning at age 2. We also have private piano or voice lessons that we begin with children as young as 3, depending on their maturity.  

What kind of classes does Batavia Studios offer?

We offer classes in all the creative arts! We have an extensive list of programs in music, theater, dance and art. We offer private and group classes. The best way to see what we have to offer for your child is to filter by age on our parent portal.

What items does my student need to bring to class?

For all our musical theater and dance classes, students should bring a water bottle. Please label all personal items. For all dance classes, we require dance shoes, as street shoes are not permitted on the dance floor. For musical theater, students should bring their scripts and music, and your instrument assuming it is portable. For art classes, you should bring anything that you would like to draw or paint to show the teacher. Bring anything you may have such as sketchbook and pencils.

What is the dress code?

 We do not allow anything that shows the midriff. Otherwise we just ask that students dress in comfortable clothes for all of our classes.

Do you have recitals?

Yes. We offer 2 recitals per year for all of our private lesson students and all of our dance class (private and group) students. Our two recitals are in the winter and spring. The recitals are recommended for all our students, even the earliest beginners. However, they are not mandatory. 

Our musical theater program ends with a full stage production of the musical we are working on. As a part of this, there will be one week of stage dress rehearsals at the theater (typically the Butler Succop theater) and one weekend (4 performances) for all of the kids on stage in front of a big audience.

Do you offer adult dance classes?

Yes. Currently, we have 3 adult dance programs and also an option for private dance classes for adults. Please check our dance schedule for more information. 

For dance or musical theater, what shoes does my student need?

Nude or black jazz shoes are best. They can be purchased on Amazon.

Musical Theater FAQ

Will every student have a role in the show?

 Every student will receive a role. The role will depend on their audition, and how we in our professional opinion feel the student will both best fit within the overall performance, and also have an opportunity to grow and expand their talent.

Who are the people in the audition room?

Auditions are held at the studio with the director, choreographer and owner/producer. 

What do I need to prepare for auditions?

For all our musical theater auditions, students have to prepare a selection/song from any musical. Try not to select any pop or rock songs. It can be any musical they are familiar with. Students will only need to sing 30-45 seconds of that selected song. Please practice the part of the song that best shows your child’s vocal ability. 

The student should use a karaoke/backing track and bring this to the audition. 

Students may also use piano music and bring the piano music to the audition as well. We will have an accompanist to play it. 

Where do I find the audition material?

There is no required audition material. You can select any song from a musical. Try not to select a pop song please.

When will I know my role?

We do our best to cast the show as soon as we can after auditions are over. Usually we release the cast list by email within 5-8 days from auditions.

What if I don’t get the role I was hoping for?

 Please understand that we take a lot of things into consideration when casting. There are only so many preferred roles and many students who want them. Our goal is to give each student a role that they will be successful with and grow with on stage. Students should take the role they receive, even if it’s not the one they wanted, and make it the very best they can. Each role offers an opportunity to grow and gain experience!

Do you have callbacks?

All our callbacks are done on the same day as our main audition. Students are required to stay for the entire audition. 

How many students are in a musical theater production?

 Each musical theater production has its own limit on the number of students who can participate, depending on the show and the types of available mail and ensemble roles. It typically ranges from 25-40. However, we do not cut anyone who registers, and try very hard to give each student a role.

What are auditions like?

Auditions are used so we can understand your child’s skills and talents and cast them appropriately. While we have to limit registration based on the number of roles, no registered student is cut for any reason. We try very hard to give every student a role to shine on stage and grow with our program.

Auditions are held at the studio with the director, choreographer, and owner/producer. First kids will sing a 30-45 second selection from a song they practiced at home in front of us. This is not done in front of their peers. 

Next, the entire group of kids learn a dance call together and they dance in groups together so we can evaluate their dance experience.

Third, we will call up individual students to read lines together from the script to see their acting skills. 

We understand that this can be intimidating but we keep it a very friendly process! We pride ourselves on having a program that is fun, inclusive, and that gives kids confidence and a positive experience!

Where do performances and rehearsals take place?

All rehearsals and classes take place at our studio. Recitals are usually at Discovery Church in Mars on Scharberry Lane. Our musicals are typically performed at Butler Succop Theater at Butler County Community College, except our kids program musical which is held at Discovery Church. At times, depending on theater availability, we also make use of the Comtra Theater in Cranberry Township.

Do your shows require tickets?

Batavia Studios performances require a paid ticket for admission. Tickets can be purchased on our website or at the door. 

Can parents watch auditions or rehearsals?

In general, parents are not permitted to watch auditions or rehearsals. This is so other students don’t feel intimidated. We understand that there may be circumstances where your child has special needs, and we are happy to evaluate that and work with you in that case.

General FAQ

What is the absence policy?

 For our private lessons, we ask that students give at least a 24 hour notice. We do understand that emergencies may come up so in that case please call or notify the teacher as soon as you can. We do not offer any refunds or credits, but we will make up your lesson as best as we can. 

For musical theater, students who miss any of the theater classes should continue practicing at home. They will be caught up by their peers or teachers soon after they return. We do ask that all students mark their absences for the program in the beginning so we can plan our practice schedule. There are no makeups for any classes missed in musical theater. 

What is your holiday schedule?

Batavia Studios will be observing the following holidays in 2024, during which the studio will be closed:

  • New Years Day: January 1
  • Easter: March 29 – 31
  • Memorial Day: May 27
  • Independence Day: July 4
  • Labor Day: September 2
  • Thanksgiving Break: November 28 – 30
  • Christmas and New Years Break: December 24 – January 1, 2025
What is the student drop-off and pick-up procedure?

All drop-offs should occur in the studio and drop-off student to their teacher. Please do not leave until you see that your child’s instructor is present. Teachers can be delayed at times and we do not want any of our kids at the studio without an adult responsible for them.

For pick-up, you must come inside to pick up your kids. We do not release kids directly to the parking lot from the studio. 

Do you accommodate allergies?

Yes, we do not allow nuts or tree nuts if any single person has a nut allergy in the group. We also keep all information about this private. 

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes we do. Come to the desk if you have left something at the studio. 

How can I place an ad in your recital and musical theater programs?

Please email urmi@bataviastudios.com in order to place an ad in any of our show or recital programs throughout the year.

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