Lion King Kids

Kids Musical Theater Program

This 5- week program is a hands on theatrical experience for the youngest Musical theater student.  This is non-competitive and a fun environment.  Each student will be cast in this popular Disney musical.  They will dance, sing, and act with their fellow actors and perform on stage at the end for their family and friends.  

Ages 5-10


July 17-August 20
10 AM – 1 PM


August 18-20
Discovery Christian Church


Registration Fee
$100 Registration

$195/month (July and August)

The Kids Musical Theater Program at
Batavia Studios includes acting and dance lessons.

Acting Classes

Come join our performance of Lion King KIDS, open to performers ages 5-10! This is a fun program, and your young children will get an introduction to all aspects of musical theater performance: singing, dancing, staging, and memorizing lines, in a fun, low stress environment.

Dance Classes

Included in Program for “Lion King KIDS” Students

These classes are included in our Musical Program. Each class takes place from 1 -2 PM.  Each student should participate in one session. They may do both sessions for no additional charge.

Monday – Dance
Tuesday – Dance
Wednesday – Improv
Thursday – Improv

Time: 1 PM-2 PM

Cost: Included

Location: Batavia Studios, 7031 Crider Road, Mars, PA. 16046

Class Descriptions:

Improvisation can change your life in so many ways, in school and in your personal life. Learn to jumpstart your creativity as you master stepping outside the box and learn to know no fear. The skills you master will help in your presentation skills, overcome your fear of public speaking, enhance your socialization skills and so much more.  This is such a great class for all students who want to build confidence and quick thinking skills.  For this class, you do not have to have any performance experience.  Those that are new to improv and those that have some experience will love this improv basics class. We will play games each week to further develop the basics.

This is an intermediate Musical theater dance program. Kids will learn basic skills in all types of dance – musical theater, jazz, tap, ballet, and more.

Days: M T W Th

Time: 1 PM-2 PM

Location: Batavia Studios, 7031 Crider Road, Mars, PA. 16046


Urmi Batavia


Warren Friedman


Donna Weber