April 27, 2021

Mamma Mia! Registration


Adults Only! 21+

Musical Theater Registration

All registrations are due August 1st; EARLY BIRD – June 1st
Rehearsals: October – March
Performances: March 5th and 6th

This is our first ever over 21+ ONLY musical! This is going to be a fun program for adults who have wanted to be on stage again, or for the first time.

We are taking all adults, with all sorts of talent. We will not turn anyone away. There will be informal auditions for us to cast the show. There are many named parts and ensemble roles.

We understand that as adults, we have a day job! So in order to accommodate as best as we can, we are holding all rehearsals only once a week – for 2 hours in the later part of the evening. If you are not able to make it to rehearsal, we ask you just to text us and let us know. We know that this will happen so we will be able to accommodate that.

Best part: you can bring your own drinks! We want this to be a fun social activity for you as well.


Once a Week at Batavia Studios*
7:30 – 9:30PM

You can pick below from the possibility of days available – either Tuesday or Thursday or Friday evening (please pick 1st and 2nd choice)


2 performances per Cast – March 2022
Comtra Theater – Cranberry Twp.

*There will be no rehearsals on Thanksgiving week and Christmas weeks. The only mandatory dates will be tech week and performances – but those will be discussed with the group and made sure that it works for all involved. You can mark March 2022 as a general date for now.

Payment Information

Everything is included in your monthly payment – including rehearsals, audition week, performances, and script. Tickets will be at an extra cost for family and friends. Costumes will be created/made by each character. We can definitely help with this when the time comes.

OPTIONAL items not included in your payment:

  • Rehearsal CD $10.00
  • Mamma Mia T-Shirt $20.00


REGISTER ON or BEFORE June 1st and pay only $15.00 Registration Fee

If you register early, you will pay a $15.00 registration fee to hold your spot which is non-refundable.

Registration Fee:

$15.00 Register on or before June 1st

$45.00 Registration after June 1st

6 Monthly Payments: $40.00

Full Payment Option: $240.00 ($45.00 discount – no reg fee is charged if paid in full) *Please see Payment Schedule section of the form below

Audition & Rehearsal Information

There are Named parts and Ensemble parts. If you would like to go for a named/lead role, you will need to audition. If you are doing this for an ensemble role and do not want a named part, you do not have to audition. If you are not sure and maybe want a named part, we suggest you do submit an audition video. You never know your own talent.

Remember when registering and auditioning, named/lead roles are limited and there are many people going to try out for the same part. Our goal will be to pay special attention to each audition and place you in the best possible role.

All auditions will be video-taped and texted or emailed to us.
TEXT: 330-519-5420 ; EMAIL: urmi@bataviastudios.com

You may pick any song to audition with – please pick something that really shows your voice. If you need help picking music, you may email us and we will suggest songs. All songs must be accompanied by either a karaoke track or someone accompanying you in the background.

If you are simply trying out for an ensemble part, we still need to know a few questions below. *Please see Audition section of the form below