Batavia Studios’ Junior & Senior Musical Theater Program recently took to the stage with their delightful rendition of the SpongeBob Musical, performed from August 11-13 at the Butler Succop Theater. The talented young cast successfully drew the audience into the adventurous tale of SpongeBob and his friends, as they strove to save their underwater home, Bikini Bottom, from the threat of a looming volcanic eruption. The show resonated with a thought-provoking underlying message: the remarkable power of positivity in the face of adversity.

The assured performances showcased the clear benefits of the well-rounded curriculum at Batavia Studios, encompassing acting, improv, and dance lessons. From the lively dance numbers to the humorous dialogue, the cast’s commitment to their roles shone through every scene. The audience was captivated and engaged, their enthusiastic applause reflecting their delight in the young performers’ achievements. As the curtain fell, there was no doubt that Batavia Studios’ spirited actors left a lasting impression, and we can expect them to further develop their promising talents within the world of theater.

Watch the full performance below!