We created our musical theater program at Batavia Studios in 2015. Our first musical was Little Mermaid, which we performed in the summer of 2015. We created the program as a way to get kids of all ages engaged in the performing arts. Since then, we have conducted over 20 shows, with casts including kids of all ages, all the way up to adult-specific performances like Mamma Mia in 2021 and our recent performance of Beauty and the Beast in Spring 2023. 

Batavia Performing Arts studio performs Beauty and the Beast on stage.

Why do we do this? Participating in musical theater programs can provide a wide range of benefits for children of all ages. One of the most significant benefits is an increase in self-confidence. Being on stage and performing in front of an audience can be a daunting experience, but with practice and guidance, children can learn to overcome their fears and become more confident in themselves and their abilities.

Another benefit of musical theater programs is the opportunity to make new friends. Children who participate in these programs are often able to form strong bonds with their fellow performers. They learn to work together and support one another, which can be a valuable experience for children who may struggle to make friends in other settings.

Musical theater programs also provide an opportunity for children to enhance their talents. Children who participate in these programs can improve their singing, dancing, and acting abilities. They also learn to work as part of a team and to take direction from others, which can be valuable skills to have in any area of life.

Additionally, musical theater programs can provide children with a sense of accomplishment and pride. Participating in a musical production requires a significant amount of hard work and dedication, and children can feel a sense of pride in what they have accomplished. It also allows children to learn the value of commitment and discipline which will be beneficial in their future endeavors. Furthermore, it also helps children to develop their creativity and critical thinking skills by analyzing and interpreting the script and music.

Overall, participating in musical theater programs can be a valuable experience for kids and adults of all ages. It can provide them with a sense of accomplishment, help them to make new friends, and enhance their talents. Additionally, it can also improve their confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills. It’s a great way to have fun and learn skills that will benefit them in many areas of their life.

We’re proud of the program we’ve created at Batavia Studios and look forward to many fun and exhilarating performances to come!